The Psychology of Speciesism

This long collective article reviews recent social psychological research on the psychology of speciesism and its links to other ideologies of contempt: demonstration of the existence of speciesism as a psychological construct; correlation between speciesism and the marginalization of exogroups; implication in terms of strategy for antispeciesist activists. This article Read more…

Chickens in a concentration barn

Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation

More than 500 researchers of the whole world in the field of moral and political philosophy declare that animal exploitation is unjust and morally indefensible. It is essential to work towards its disappearance, especially by aiming at the closure of slaughterhouses, a ban on fishing, and the development of plant-based food systems.

What is Speciesism?

This article develops a deep explanation of the implications of speciesism, mentioning the concept of nature as one of its “ideological” pillars and showing the weak support of each of its arguments. An inaugural text of the French-speaking antispeciesist movement.

On superiority

This article by David Olivier details that notions of superior and inferior beings (but also that of ontological equality) made sense in Aristotle’s metaphysics, where they were linked to the notion of essence (and that of the hierarchy of beings which came from it). They have no meaning today; our vision of the world no longer integrates essences, nor an upper and a lower.